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The most tender of all cuts. It is extremely soft but has less flavor and is less marbled. You can cook the fillet whole, as medallions (filet mignon) or stuffed. This is the only cut we would add a complimenting sauce with if you wish to do so, but we do not normally do so.

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1.5kg, 300g, Whole (per kg)

Cooking guidelines

If you are cooking it over coals or in a pan then you should turn it at regular intervals. We often butterfly it, stuff it with feta and avo (in lemon juice), tie it up with string so that you can see a thin line of feta and avo. Put it in a Weber (not over direct heat or coals) or even in the oven for approximately 45min. The moment the stuffed avo starts cooking/changes color the entire fillet should be medium, depending on your heat level.


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